Ajua VistaTweaker

Ajua VistaTweaker Beta 0.5

Modify Windows Vista and some parts of XP


  • Lots of interesting tweaks
  • Well-organised interface


  • Can be dangerous in the wrong hands


As the developer of this software recognises, there are lots of programs out there that help you tweak your Windows OS to make numerous improvements. This particular app gives you the chance to access those little corners of Vista that are hard to get at otherwise.

With a total of more than 70 adjustments, all grouped nicely into different categories, it's very easy to get carried away and start changing everything with VistaTweaker. However, we'd advise to choose your tweaks carefully and make sure you know what you're changing else you could wind up with a duff OS.

Some of the best adjustments we found were the ability to clear the direct access arrow, reduce image sizes in IE, and to add shortcuts to the contextual menu to open programs with just a key press. XP users needn't miss out because a few of the tweaks are compatible with the old operating system.

There are dozens of free programs for tweaking windows, but many of them are a little bit outdated and with ackward interfaces. What's more, only a few offer guidance on every tweak, so many people don't know what every change is supposed to do.

These are the main reasons, among many others, the developer of Ajua VistaTweaker decided to write the program. It's called VistaTweaker because its main goal is to work with the new OS from Microsoft.

Ajua VistaTweaker


Ajua VistaTweaker Beta 0.5

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